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thanks a lot and travel safe, Paul.

Hello fellow travellers, group and society organisers, tour company owners.

  • I am an expert in Spain, Japan and the USA.

  • For the last 15 years I have worked for some of the biggest and best British tour companies, leading 250 tours for 10,000 customers. I am the ‘go to’ tour manager for new destinations and training with those companies.

  • Do you know the locations, how to use the transport and the places where to stay and eat.

  • Use my knowledge, experience and expertise.

  • I am not a travel brochure, travel agent nor guide book! But.....

  • I know when, where, what, why and how to travel to and around these places. Ask me anything. I can hold your hand, answer your specific queries.

  • Perhaps you need an itinerary planned or copy for your advert or brochure, I've done all that before.

  • Please use the contact form, we can then chat one to one via email or mobile or face to face, Facetime or Zoom.

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