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I have lived and worked in Spain, speak fluent Spanish and have even dabbled in flamenco in the caves of Granada over the years! I know the country like the palm of my hand as they say in Spain!


Barcelona & Gaudi

barclona Gaudi.jpg

Since the 1992 Olympics Barcelona has soared. There's more to Gaudi than the Sagrada Familia, I know when, where and how to see it all. Where are the markets? It's not just the Ramblas!


Seville Mushrooms

The newest attraction not even in some of the guides/maps yet

Think of Spain, its sun, oranges, guitar, polka dot dresses and it is really Seville. But where do you find an authentic tapas bar, music and wine? How do you negotiate the queues into the sites, how do you get to Italica and Carmona? I know. Please see my Youtube video about Seville....

Santander Botin balcony.jpg

Santander Balcony

New attraction  but what else is there to see?

Santander, The Bride of the Sea, largest city in Cantabria but what else is there to see and how can you travel? Walk on the coastal Camino de Santiago through town, use the Feve inland or ferry away to see the city as you should from the sea.

Patio de los leones Alhambra.jpg

Alhambra Patio de los Leones

How do you get in to the Alhambra, what buses to use?

In Granada its free tapas with every drink, where's best to go, apart from the Alhambra what else is there to see? It's no good driving around the city, where to walk?


Bilbao bus stop

When people say Bilbao they then think of the Guggenheim, but what else? The Pinxchos, the best aerial views of this city, the transport network and the hotels, what's best for you from the city that has risen from the ashes and is set to continue to vie with Barcelona? Ask me.

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