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When you first arrive it is a massive culture shock, be prepared, talk to someone who knows.

Tokyo is the largest city in the world in terms of population, travel with confidence talk to me first.

Cherry Blossom


The Skytree, where is it, how do you get up it and jump the queue?

Everyone wants to visit Japan and Tokyo during the cherry blossom season but where are the best views and trees? 

Autumn acer Ryoan-ji.jpg

Have you ever though about visiting during the Autumn leaves? The wonderful acers, but where are they? 

What about the food, how will you survive if you don't like sushi, ask me where to go, what to eat and how to order.

Getting around Tokyo can be daunting, let me explain it to you.

The metro, train and taxis. Walking even. Where to stay and what to stay in?

Tokyo is a mixture of the old and new, the ancient and modern, a 7th century shrine followed by a robot, how to see them?

kyoto station.jpg


Possibly the best city in the world, fortunately saved from atomic destruction

The bonkers railway station, ask me for a walking route round this architectural wonder!!!

There are two thousand shrines and temples in Kyoto. They say from the day you are born you do not have enough time to visit and appreciate them all. Which ones would you visit, talk to me? How do you use the metro, buses, trains and taxis to see them all?

Mirei Shigemori Tofoku-ji.jpg

The iconic Mirei Shigemori pavement at Tofuku-ji Temple, would you like to see it?

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