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50 states, each one can justifiably be considered a country to visit in its own right. Below are some scenic highlights.

Route 66.jpg

Route 66, 

From Chicago to L.A.

Missouri Br.jpg

I have driven this tour 10 times I know all the highlights but also all the off the beaten track stops too! Let me take through the 2700 miles! To the diners and gas stations of olde.

Grand Canyon by Launde Morel

Grand Canyon

Photo by Launde Morel on Unsplash

There are so many ways to see 'the canyon' but what's best? When's the best time of day or time of year. From above or below? Where can you stay? Where are the best outlooks?

Niagara no cropping.jpg


750,000 gallons per second over the 3 falls.

Niagara can be a nightmare if you are not prepared. Everyone knows Maid of the Mist, but what else is there? What do you want? I've lost count of the number times I have visited, what other attractions are there, do you fancy some peace and quiet and a glass of ice wine? Please talk to me.



The first of 442 national parks in the U.S., 3,500 square miles.

It has it all, but staying in the park is limited, where else? Ask me about the stop offs en route and around and don't forget Old Faithful!

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